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Jazzanova Presents: Paz E Futebol 3

Various Artists Jazzanova presents Paz E Futebol 3 – compiled by Junior Santos Release Date – 06.11.20 The time has come again: Another edition of the much loved and highly praised by critics from all around the globe compilation ‘Paz E Futebol’ will be released on Sonar Kollektiv. After 2006 … read more

A Man Called Adam

Love Forgotten (Oddities and Rarities Part 1) Other Records, released November 6th 2020 A Man Called Adam occupy a unique place in the electronic/dance music continuum. Enigmatic and fiercely independent they’ve sold millions of records; you’ll hear their music in every beach bar on the planet but few people outside the dance underground know … read more

Inner Tribe presents: Planetself // Leylines

ARTIST: PLANETSELF TITLE: LEYLINES RELEASE DATE: OCTOBER 9 LABEL: INNER TRIBE DISTRIBUTION: ALPHAPUP FORMAT: DIGITAL PRE-SAVE LINK: HTTPS://PLANETSELF.LNK.TO/LEYLINES Planetself represents the ethereal collaboration of vocalist Charli Umami and mainstay producer and DJ Inkswel. Growing up immersed in the incredible natural surroundings of the Adelaide Hills Charli’s playground was nature trails … read more

The Chill Out Tent: Edition 7

Find Your Happy Place The idea for The Tent came out of trying to build a community in lockdown that would usually exist in real life; it’s now about keeping our music and related arts alive in these strange times. The Chill Out Tent is the alternative event you always … read more

Inkswel & Colonel Red – Benjimans Ghost Vol. 1

Never leaning on the notion of a mould or convention, Colonel Red Is a phenomenon in the underground soul circuit, blending the segways between Rnb, Broken Beat, Hip Hop and House music- a vocal that is strident in all things forward thinking. Previously as a vibration labelled Milez Benjamin, these … read more


Last Night A DJ Saved My Life is a charitable foundation creating fundraising initiatives for the electronic music industry & beyond in support of children in crisis. Founded in January 2010, LNADJ strives to change the way people view charitable work through innovative campaigns, which connect the global dance music … read more


How’s lockdown life on the west coast Adrian? Same as it is over there, boring! *laughs* I guess music is keeping you running through though, right? I guess so, trying man. So, going back to your early days then, you majored in political law and studied entertainment law and obviously … read more

Producers Choice: Atjazz on The RAH Band

How you doing, Martin?   I’m very well thank you very much thanks for having me on   My Pleasure. Whereabouts in the world are you right now?   I’m based in Derby. I’m in my studio at the minute preparing some live streaming stuff, just having a bit of … read more

We pay tribute to Detroit electronic music icon, Mike Huckaby.

It is with deep sadness that we learn today of the death of another great of the electronic music scene. Detroit music icon Mike Huckaby passed away on Friday April 24th. Condolences and tributes are been shared across different social media timelines of his death and it is here that … read more