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Sonny Johns AKA The Rail Abandon In Conversation

Hi, Sonny. How are you? Very well, thank you. So you are Leeds born and bred, Sonny? Huddersfield. Just down the road. I’ve travelled around a bit but I’m back in Huddersfield again now. Leeds has always had a rich musical heritage, especially in club land back in the late … read more

Detroit Day

1BTN in conjunction with Detroit Tourism and Metro Centre are proud to present, Detroit Day. You know Detroit, right? Famed for it’s legendary auto industry and for it’s music; it’s the music that drew us, of course. If Detroit were a record then the commercially popular soul sound of Motown … read more

Sally Called Adam In Conversation With Mickey Duke

Sal, how’s it going? It’s good, Mickey, It’s good. Everything’s great at the moment, pretty busy and pretty manic. Releasing a record on your own label is pretty hard work but it’s all good and the response to the record has been brilliant, so couldn’t be better really. So the … read more

Mickey Duke chats to Mildlife lead singer, Kev McDowell

Hey, Kev. Mickey here from 1BTN. How you doing? Awesome, yeh, I’m good. Thanks. Starting at the beginning then, Kev. How long have you guys been performing together as a band? The band probably started doing this thing in 2011/12. It was a little different back then. So, it’s been … read more

Love Supreme

Mickey Duke’s excellent review of this year’s Love Supreme festival which includes a video interview of Miles Mosley, photographs of the weekend courtesy of Fred Lopez and The Get Up’s Love Supreme special, as aired on 1 Brighton FM on July 3rd. Enjoy 🙂