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11am-1pm 3rd Saturday of the Month We are Sydney collective, Steppers, which is Steve Spacek, Edseven and Tom Studdy.  Born out of a monthly basement session club night, the vibe was so strong we had to expand on that sound. Future Soul, Afrobeat, UKG, Hip Hop, Bruk, House and beyond…anything … read more

Sophie ‘Joyful’ Paul

Our House w/ Sophie Paul 2pm-5pm 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the Month Welcome to Our House – I’m Sophie. 
 Originally hailing from the midlands, I’ve always been surrounded by music from all corners of the world. I spent my teenage years working in a record shop which is … read more

Sounds Of Eighty Six

8am-10am 3rd Sunday of the Month One evening myself (Jif), Jeffo and TC were sat in our homes, listening to a radio show hosted by some friends of ours hosted when we were shocked to hear we were going to be guests on the show the next week. We’d all … read more

Suit Yourself

6pm-8pm Tuesdays Weekly Alan Saunders, a lifelong Modernist, frequenting London and South East Mod events for over 30 years. Now living in Brighton Alan is a partner in Suit Yourself Modernist Culture promoting live bands and club night in Brighton and U.K. Alan has guest DJ spots around the UK’s … read more

Soul Casserole

4pm-6pm 4th Saturday of the Month Soul Casserole, founded in 2007 by Dumani aka Dustee Du as a once a month event at the Sanctuary in Hove . Since then it has grown into over playing across Brighton & London that include; Black Lion, Fortune of War, Coalition, The Green Door Store … read more

Señor Mick

Garden of Earthly Delights 8pm-10pm 2nd Sunday of the Month Growing up in Bolton my musical journey started when as a young lad I heard AC/DC for the very first time. The penny dropped when the needle hit the record that mainstream pop just wasn’t going to cut it for … read more

Steve KIW

The BAOL Show Thursdays 5pm-8pm Weekly I’m the one they call Steve KIW. That isn’t my real surname and no, you don’t pronounce it like that and I’m not from New Zealand. I’ve been here since the station started, although, as you’ll hear if you listen to my show, I’ve … read more