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Steve KIW

The BAOL Show

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I’m the one they call Steve KIW. That isn’t my real surname and no, you don’t pronounce it like that and I’m not from New Zealand. I’ve been here since the station started, although, as you’ll hear if you listen to my show, I’ve been playing hitherto unknown musical forms for quite a long time and, more importantly, I’m a genuinely nice chap who wants to share the music I love with you and yours and I spend three hours each week sharing my diverse and cheaply constructed record collection on the BAOL show.

BAOwhatnow? B.A.O.L… The Balearic Assassins Of Love… let me explain…

King Sunny Ade P, Sherman and I have been playing records together as BAOL since the early 2000s. We’ve now added Skyywalker and Vibes Controller to our hirsute band of brothers. Most weeks it’ll be me hosting the show but we all contribute music and mixes and are joined by our regular guests Dave Holloway and Steve Tee from time to time and, when we feel lazy, we’ll invite fellow inmates from the Balearic inner sanctum to share mixes on the show.

For the record, we only play records. We’ve got no time for digital formats and we knows this makes us sound like hipsters, or just old, but we really don’t care. We’ve been around longer than hipsters and, Balearic gods willing, we will be around after the hipsters have had a shave and found some decent hats.

On top of BAOL duties I am the Xavi half of Andres y Xavi, a Balearic beat combo under the direction of 1BTN’s WWWG maestro Glenn Fallows. Oh, I also contributes the anonymous Sermon mixes for the station and write a lot of the pop and Balearic features for our website.

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