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Cosmocities is a French label established in 2019, by Matthieu Soulié-Strougar. Based in Dijon, a city with a culture and history for churning out very decent electronica. In the nineties club l’An-fer was a pioneer for that culture, with Laurent Garnier as resident before he was at The Rex. Cosmocities … read more


Prolific remixer, versatile producer and well respected dj, Simbad (aka SMBD) is a stalwart of the underground music scene in the UK and has had a very fertile career so far. His vast and diverse array of releases ensure make it difficult to pigeonhole or box him into one music … read more

Marcos Resende & Index – Reissue pressure for Far Out Recordings

Beyond their highly sought after 1978 album Festa Para Um Novo Rei¬ – home to the mystical jazz-funk classic ‘Vidigal’ and released on Philips’ iconic Musica Popular Brasileira Contemporanea series (MPBC) – little is known about Marcos Resende & Index, even to aficionados of obscure Brazilian music. Far Out Recordings … read more

JD73’s ElecTrio – Brand New Music To Atjazz Records

Martin ‘Atjazz’ Iveson’s ‘Atjazz Record Company’ are to release JD73’s ElecTrio and their new record ‘Pyramid’ Dan Goldman (aka JD73) is an internationally renowned and respected producer, keyboardist, journalist, and Rhodes piano player/technician. Dan hails from Leeds in the UK (where he still lives) and started playing acoustic piano aged … read more


Dele Sosimi x Medlar “Gúdú Gúdú Kan” (Daz-I-Kue Remix)
Release Date: 25/09/20
Label: Wah Wah 45s 
Format: Digital only

Wah Wah 45s are proud to present a very special remix from one of the U.K. ‘s broken beat pioneers for our very own Afrobeat Ambassador, Dele Sosimi, and London based DJ and producer, Medlar.

Following on from the pair’s first single, Full Moon, which received strong support from both Gilles Peterson and Huey Morgan on BBC 6Music, and the subsequent remix from Dutch masters Detroit Swindle, Dele and Medlar returned with Gúdú Gúdú Kan – their own take on an Afro-disco stomper. The title refers to the role the snare drum plays and its relationship with Ìyá Ìlù kan, or the kick drum. It’s a simple but very effective metaphor for this unique musical collaboration where once again the pair forged a sound that’s all their own.

Taking things back to The Shrine by way of a little Bugz style bruk magic, Daz-I-Kue’s remix of Gúdú Gúdú Kan restructures the tune more in the style of a Fela classic, albeit with a broken flavour and layers upon layers of keys galore! In doing so, Daz creates what we think is a sure fire future club classic. Look out for the forthcoming full length version, alongside the extended Detroit Swindle remix of Full Moon on 12-inches of wax this November.

out for the forthcoming full length version, alongside the extended Detroit Swindle remix of Full Moon on 12-inches of wax this November.

Jordan Mooney on Monty Platters

The excellent, Mick Robinson of Monty Platters returns for a cracking interview with, Jordan – punk’s enigmatic front-woman. Working with Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McClaren, performing with the Sex Pistols, managing Adam & The Ants and acting for Derek Jarman, this lady’s knowledge of the scene that changed the face … read more