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Third attempt

Spring of this year saw the release of Third Attempt’s ‘Beats From The Quarantine’ LP. The album was well received and marked a notable debut for the talented Norwegian beatsmith. Now is time for the remix package, featuring some of his fellow label mates plucked from the Beatservice catalogue.

Third attempt himself reimagines the track “Front To The Back” for a more uptempo dance-floor focused outing. A nod to the old school, with a jacking tribal production switching from stripped back house and into more hip-house territory, with a touch of the abstract sprinkled in for good measure.

Oslo’s masterly production duo Kim Young Ill and Due Tales give “Addicted” the remix treatment, chopping the original into a misty paste up of spliced vox stabs, fluid bass – staying true to the original’s 90’s influenced groove – and more genre-crossing narcotic leftism’ to twist your body and soul with a gratifying slap!

Henrik Villard also hails from the Norwegian capital and he laces us with a freshly dipped, hazy reworking of “Rain”. The groove takes us into a soulful and exhilarating domain, which seeps deep into the psyche. The Oslo-based creator builds a fluid vibe with a polished swagger, implementing the sound of washed-out pads to complete this adventurous outing

Out of Tromsø, Keecen (previously known as LP Martin) gives us a subtle yet fleshly take on ‘Make It Double’ taking us into nostalgic jazz laced house. With giddy vocal samples projecting panoramic urban night-scapes, diminishing and haunting piano-chords and an innovative swing.

Youthful composer Niikas, reworks ‘Images’ under the production alias of Reidar Bruun, taking the track for an off-road excursion and into the rough terrain of the land of the Northern Lights. Strapping bass drives the production, whilst the playful chitter-chatter of drum machines helps the track glide effortlessly across the glowing deluge of synth arpeggios and FX-drenched signals.

Ribbish steps up to add a polished and fun loving enthusiasm to “Mirage”. With his deft-handed sound he drops an off-centre, acid tinged chugger that takes the squelch of the 303 to deliver a straight up jacker straight out the 90s.

Out of Australia by way of Uruguay, up and coming producer, Jose, drops a a glossy version of ‘Cocoon’, which twists the original into an exquisite delve into the deep. Trussed with a lovely collage of jazz brass, 90s breaks and lush waves of dynamic bass. Simply, buoyant!

Oslo based Bulgarian producer Ivaylo – also booking head for Oslo’s Jaegar club and label manager of Prins Thomas’ works – kicks hard with the drum heavy Dypmiks version of ‘Images’. The Bogota Records boss steers us into the swarming throng of a fun packed and frenetic hive. The frantic percussion lashes and wildly jacks, while effulgent piano stabs bring the melody. Topped with a squelchy bass the groove is brought to a frothing crescendo.

Lastly but not least we have another advocate of Tromsø’s constant scene, with newcomer Anders Jakobsen, who is charged with the excursion of ‘Missing Feeling’. With the emotional and deep at the forefront, we get a sense of self-revealing ampleness. This is oneness to the core and prepared for spacious meditation, which will leave you retreating to calm, unfussy, happy contentment

Third Attempt ‘Quarantine Remixes’ releases to Beatservice Records on November 26th. Support the artist, support the label and buy your music! Listen and but here –

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