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Through The Trees


1st and 3rd Sundays of the Month

I’m originally from a ‘tiny’ place called Manchester. Which wasn’t a bad place to grow up.
Being a child of the seventies, music was always a constant and was great period to grow up. I lived through one of the most fruitful years of pop/songwritting (to me anyway) – the 80’s. And then I was there for the emergence of house music here in the UK. Which was a very special time.

I’ve had an up and down musical journey, which has taken me from attending raves, going to funk and punk gigs and late night shebeens to actually dj’ing on pirate radio, at festivals, and venues across the UK.
Radio always played a part of this journey, It provided the opportunity to hear and discover new music and listen to DJ’s sharing their passion and knowledge.

Nowadays I just collect records, which brings me to Through The Trees.

Through The Trees is a no fixed genre kind of show. This show is for the curious, the lovers and loungers, the comedowners, the groovers, the get-uppers, the bakers and tasteful makers.
Its all about hearing stuff you wouldn’t normally hear. Expect to hear classics, pop muzak, upbeat bhangras😉 and unknown gems. Every now and then, there will be specialist shows focusing on a particular genre, sound or country. Plus the occasional guest mix from tasteful selectors i’ve pestered long enough to do one.

Don’t expect much chat, it’s all about the music.

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