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Hi, I am Robert Luis, I arrived in Brighton (via Nairobi and London) and started DJing in bars (before getting sacked for playing too wide a range of music). I then started DJing and promoting some successful club nights in Brighton (playing a wide range of music). I then started and continue to A&R and co-own a record label called Tru Thoughts (releasing a wide range of music). Based on that, I am sure you will guess what the music policy is for the weekly Unfold radio show on Sundays 6pm-8pm.

I am always searching for new quality (and possibly not well known) music and also happily play older music too. I also like to play music that you may know and is not super obscure or expensive on Discogs but sounds great.

“Music across the board, music across the borders…everyone is welcome” is always the theme for any of my DJ sets. So please press play and connect.

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