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  • Sounds Of Eighty Six (R)
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Penelope Trappes


4th Wednesday of the Month

Born in Sydney and raised in a bohemian country town near Byron Bay, I am a UK based vocalist, musician and producer signed to Houndstooth.

My own music is minimalist and etherial, and each month my radio show will reflect all things pagan and divine, particularly the poetry and healing power of music.

Inspired by early 4AD, Scott Walker, and Kranky, I am two thirds of the way through a trilogy of albums, the third being released in 2021. I see the power in confronting our own personal losses and the cycles of life through birth and death, within our bodies and minds and the connection that has within music. I aim to find fearlessness and peace within the darkness, and freedom from any self-doubt and anxiety with experimental, odd, meditative, contemplative and empathetic sound.

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