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  • The Escapist Experience w/ Woody Cook
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Jo Dressler


3rd Tuesday of the Month

I am someone with an insatiable appetite for new sounds, cultures, colours, people, places and stories, and so my show explores those things within music. The show is only in it’s second year, though the research and the passion was there long before. Music is, for want of a better word; my faith and so I invite you to join me on a journey, or a trip, spanning continents and eras – genres, atmospheres and planes. Everything I play is specially selected, expect to hear a classical Indian Raga amongst deep house, North African strings, contemporary London jazz and fresh Jamaican dub/reggae. I love groove, I love soul and my want is to translate this through the airwaves, so if one listener dances, that’s my calling answered. Tune in, drop out and let me bless your ears.

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