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Babylon Fox



1st & 3rd Tuesday of the Month

Like many of the aspects of what makes me me, eclecticism seems to be a running theme. A pleasure to meet you, I’m Babylon Fox. Born in Luton, growing up in Great Yarmouth, studying and living in Liverpool, to now calling the heart of London my home, experiencing the parties my parents used to throw, the music they would share with us and the live music gigs they would take us to from young children, all influenced who I am today.

Music was the first love language my family spoke to each other and again it came with eclecticism, it’s also how I learnt to express myself. I love to take audience members on a journey and put out a feeling. My selecting career began in late 2019 however I have been working in live music and events since 2010, working on arena and fashion events, award winning festivals across the UK and Europe, being involved with a wide variety of community & grassroots events and owning my own venue at the age of 21 have all made me into the selector I am today, a woman of the universe.

I’m currently running the ‘Lime’ events across the country alongside Nutribe’s, don.doopy. It’s an event created to bring people from all walks of life together through our love of dancehall music, movement, freedom and connectivity.

Get ready to wash away your morning blues as Good Rising guides you through the start of your day with a little piece of my soul, dad joke level humour, gentle and uplifting frequencies, some sweet serenading from a multitude of musicians and yours truly and hey maybe even a cheeky singalong to really help you rise ‘n’ shine.

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