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Queenie & Wildblood Boxing Day Special

Join Queenie and Wildblood as we play the tunes of our queer lives. Think never-guilty pleasures, Club Barbra, Radio Twooooooo 70s classics, and all those tunes that soundtracked our many, many, many days. It’s time to celebrate the vinyl slices of perfect pop, queer anthems, 80s electronica, sweet soul, Bally-Eric Bobby dazzlers, camp ballads, diva delights, house histrionics, enduring indie, mod rockers, intergalactic stars, TV themes and our musical heroes and heroines who’ve made our days on earth so sound. Yes, this is definitely one we made earlier as we combine our 104 years of listening pleasures for your, erm, listening pleasures. No fillers just singalong, wiggle fuelled thrillers. So grab yourself a box of something sweet, a bottle or two of festiveness and join Wildblood and Queenie for a trip down our queer, camp, regal and random memory lane. Two old lady DJs who should know better doing their sounds of a lifetime thing.