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Velour Debut LP

When the world seemingly crumbles around us, music can provide an escape few other mediums can. For their debut self-titled LP, Velour effortlessly levitate you above the madness below, each track taking a new turn, cruising over hazy flecked skylines, bustling walkways and bleary-eyed bedlam. A trajectory that takes in all of jazz’s vibrancies, blending elements of neo soul, broken beat and hip hop coupled with a much-needed sense of hope across nine deep, soul-searching tracks.

WOLF Music first discovered Essen-based Velour via the track ‘Pose’. Produced by label mainstay Mr Fries, they were instantly drawn to the warm dusty reverberations of the four-piece collective and seeds were sown for an album project.

The resulting album is a self-titled debut that criss-crosses genres drawing on elements from each, yet anchoring roots in the richness of jazz’s deft melodies and percussive touches.

Mr Fries once again heads up production for the full-length, with his trademark touch capturing the intimacy of Velour’s sound presenting it in a way that’s considered yet raw – nothing feeling rushed, nor cluttered. A separation and space that gives each element the room it deserves to breathe, with short interludes and skits providing the perfect bridge between tracks, guiding you through smokey jazz bars and twilight whisperings.

As a body of work, ‘Velour’ is a shining example of the freedom, energy and enthusiasm of the new school of jazz that’s been captivating minds the world over. An instant on repeat staple – let go, feel the flow, it’s what we need in a time like this.

For fans of Hiatus Kaiyote, 30/70, Vels Trio, Kamaal Williams.

Velour Releases on Wolf Music Records ( on 13.11.20

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