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Sista Selecta – I Am Fya!

I Am Fya is an artist, vocalist, performer, DJ and producer from Manchester, now living in Brighton. In fact she is more than that, I Am Fya is a writer, designer, vlogger & Dj. A creator.
Whether on stage in a collaborative format, or simply solo, I Am Fya is just that, Fya!

One half of Sista Selecta, once a month I Am Fya produces a vibrant solo radio show for 1BTN, taking in everything from wonky experimental electronica to bass rattling trap, sultry soul and blazing beats. It’s all there and it’s dope.

This show is recorded from . . . . well, I Am Fya can tell you herself

“Hi fam! Your fave radio host is coming to you (almost live) from the carribean today (Thurs 26th) 12-3pm on @1btnradio. Join me for a 3 hour journey into some weird & wonderful, sexy, beautiful, experimental & booty shaking tunes from around the 🌎 Todays special guest is a very talkative goat. Country life is real out here!”

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