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  • Eclectronica w/ Alucidnation (R)
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When you tune into Radio Peacock, you could literally hear anything from any country on this planet. Chani is particularly fond of jazz, boogie and funk, but her MO is anything from anywhere, as long as it tickles her fancy, but you’ll never hear her use the deeply dodgy term ‘world music’
A few words from Chani…

I think most music lovers are always looking for their next fix: that ever-evolving pursuit to find the particular balance of sound and rhythm that twangs their inner string. Everybody has their sweet spot that becomes more and more refined the deeper they dig, and playing your collection to a wider audience on a radio show that demands constant feeding with the next nugget of brilliance legitimises the whole process. I find the whole thing exhilarating, and sonically visiting more and more corners of the world is the next best thing to physically visiting them.

Creating shows that focus on music from all over the world feels cheeky, because your possibilities are endless, but the format itself seems to have a focus for audiences who are used to being told that Music From Other Countries is a genre, and that genre is World Music. In reality, we’re beginning to learn that encapsulating music from every country in the world bar the US and shoving it into one genre makes no sense (and this is the gentlest way of looking at it). In reality, it is a privilege to be able to play any type of music from any country in the world that happens to twang my inner string and to know that there are a few people out there who seem to enjoy listening to it.

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1. Aung Pa Khei Ti Loun – Sein Bo Tint
2. Hva Hvis – Smerz
3. The Moving Finger – Dorothy Ashby
4. Geaba Mai Ma Duc Acasa Si Hora Lui Leonard - Toni Iordache
5. La Mariposa – Raul Monsalve y Los Farajidos
6. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in – Celia Cruz/Tito Puente
7. Let the Sunshine In – Bobby Bryant
8. Manha de Carnaval – Antonio Carlos Jobim
9. Nergal – Marcos Resende, Index
10. Stuff - Cumulus
11. Futuro – Yu Su
12. Peyo – Obay Alsharani
13. Good News – Flying Clouds of Detroit
14. Zedti Laadab Aliya – Drissi El Abbassi
15. Mam Pe-ela Su-ure – Florence Adooni
16. Ma No Nye Ansa – Star Lover
17. Ahyewa (Hide and Smile Edit) – K Frimpong and His Super Complex Sounds
18. Vula Bops – Makgona Tsohle Band
19. E Ye Ika Se – Kollington Ayinla
20. Kanawa – Nahawa Doumbia
21. Nera Wo’o Soke – Chris de Wise Shepherd
22. Dhulka Hooyo (Motherland) – Super Somali Sounds
23. Melaleuca – Yu Su
24. Cham Bomb – Penya
25. Hakari No Ito Kin No Ito – Mishio Ogawa
26. Nassau’s Discos – Muchos Plus
27. Self Destruction – N’Draman Blintch

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