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  • Kaysoul Guest Mix (R)
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FatCat Records w/ Alex Knight

FatCat Records is one of the finest English independent record, respected Worldwide, based in Brighton. The label’s output reaches into many styles including experimental rock, electronica, psychedelic folk, contemporary classical, noise and post-punk and this is reflected in their fortnightly radio show.

This week Fat Cat head honcho, Alex Knight, features new post-classical material from FatCats ‘Rutger Hoedmaker’ and Shida Shahabi, as well as material from the ever reliable ‘Time Released Sound’ label.
He then dives into some soulful self-reflection with tracks from ‘Thee Sinseers’, ‘Lynn Williams’ and ‘Little Anne’ before heading into psychedelic Krautrock courtesy of ‘Michael Bundt’, ‘Novalis’ and ‘Tangerine Dream’ and then diving headlong into new electronic music including choice cuts from ‘Erik Travis’ and ‘CN records’ out of Detroit.

Catch them every second and fourth Tuesday between 12-2pm

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