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Focus On Steve McMahon

DJ name:
Steve McMahon

Brentwood, Essex (I know)

Age: (if you’re brave enough)
Old enough

What Is Soul

When did your show start?
3rd July 2015



Most memorable gig:
The first Vanity Fair Oscars party I did in LA, back in 2002. Every year the production team would build a spectacular room in the car lot of Mortons restaurant which was really impressive. As you can imagine, there were quite a few A-list egos in that room.

Best club played:
MARS in New York, run by Rudolph & Yuki of Danceteria. Four floors plus a wall of Richard Long bass bins on the main floor, acquired from the original Garage system. Think I played every floor by the time it closed.

Previous radio stations:
WNYU, Passion

Favourite club crowd played to:
NyLon, NYC. We were fortunate to have some of the best dancers in New York at that time (early 90’s) coming to our parties. It’s quite something to see people interpreting music like that – many magical memories.

Favourite song since April 2015:
The Appointments – I Saw You There. It’s not new but is extremely rare & one that I’ve resigned myself to never owning. This scenario instantly elevates its status to that of infinite favourite.

Favourite album since April 2015:
Haven’t bought a new album in ages. If I had to pick one as an all time fave it would have to be one of Stevie Wonder’s concept LPs. I used to love waiting for those to come out & play them from start to finish. Such a genius musician. Okay, I’ll pick one; Innervisions.

Favourite label of 2016:
Razor & Tape

Best live act seen in Brighton and where/when:
Kraftwerk ’82 @the Dome was like seeing into the future. The sound quality & visuals were spectacular & left a lasting impression.

Biggest influences on your DJing, and why?
Frankie Knuckles for the way he put his sets together, Tony Humphries on how to manipulate a crowd & Paul Trouble Anderson for his bold, chopping style of mixing.

Favourite pub in Brighton:
I’m not a big fan of pubs – always preferred clubs.

Favourite other DJ (non1BFM):

Favourite clubs visited:
MARS, Shelter, Sound Factory



Least favourite genre:
Country & Western (both)

Name a record you regret playing:
Any wrong version

Worst gig, and why?
I didn’t go to Shuggie Otis so would have to say the most personally challenging as a DJ was at the V&A when Oliver Peyton was hosting a private event & I forgot to take my headphones (in my defence I had just got off a plane). Cueing & mixing by sight & the sound of the needle on the record was a trip.

Name one thing you don’t like about DJing:
Not getting paid, rubbish sound systems, lack of creative production (lighting & decor) & a lack of promotion. All are necessary but quite often overlooked by owners and/or promoters. That was four, I know.

Oh, and being told to turn it down (like Jim). That’s five.

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