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Wildblood and Queenie

2pm-5pm 1st and 3rd Friday of the Month Heading towards three decades as a disco, DJing and you know what partnership; it would appear we now definitely know how to make each other and the dancefloor wiggle. Which is good, we’ve been at it long enough. We take pleasure in … read more

Wyndham Earl

The Way Way Out Show 10pm-Midnight 3rd Sunday of the Month My musical obsessions go back to infancy, where my parents considered sending me to classical choir school due to my incessant melodic verbalisations! Thankfully they didn’t and my first musical obsessions became pop music ones, first Adam Ant then … read more

What’s Wrong With Groovin’

2pm-4pm Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the Month What’s Wrong With Groovin’ is Chewy Beatwell (club and festival DJ) and Glenn Fallows (musician and composer).  Fortnightly Sundays we combine our confusingly yet complimentary eclectic music tastes with confusingly irreverent/irrelevant semi professional waffle to bring you the WWWG show. Chewy arrives from a jungle drum and bass background, via … read more