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  • Kaysoul Guest Mix (R)
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International Women’s Day 2024

We continue. Now in its 6th year, 1BTN’s IWD Takeover 2024 is here, bigger, bolder and better than before with 35 1BTN presenters, DJs and artists set to deliver over 36 hours of inspiring broadcasting as we celebrate the incredible female, trans women and non-binary voices in our radio community … read more

Inner Tribe Records

2pm-4pm 2nd Tuesday of the Month Inner Tribe is a record label and community group based out of family and its intrinsic connection to all it surrounds and influences. Literally being about family first and foremost, Inkswel and Erin Buku go beyond just being husband and wife with their neo … read more

I Am Fya

12:00-13:00 4th Thursday of the Month Hi. My name is Anthea AKA I Am Fya. I am a self-produced music artist & performer, and I am one half of DJ collective, Sista Selecta. I am also a session vocalist, blogger, vlogger & clothing designer. I make sexy, dark n dubby, … read more


8pm-10pm 2nd Friday of the Month INTER-MISSION is Brighton-based DJs and promoters Matthew Balaam and Clara Suess. We’ve both been involved with 1BTN since the station launched in Spring 2015, having previously hosted the monthly Vanishing Point and Mirage shows. Vanishing Point ran at Brighton’s Patterns and featured guest DJs including … read more

Ian Lawton

Trainspotters Monday 10am-1pm Bi-Weekly I was actually a Trainspotter as a kid, my dad used to drive me to goods yards and faraway railways stations to write down the numbers of locomotives. After retiring from that game aged 12 that nerdiness started slowly getting channelled into collecting records and music… … read more