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Anna Barnfield

Record Caddy Midday to 2pm First Monday of the month Hi friends, I’m an all-vinyl Aussie selector based in Brighton. Things to expect from my radio shows? A load of rare groove classics, funk, soul, breaks, acid jazz, golden era rap and all things female that fall into that category. … read more

Alice Palace

15:00-17:00 4th Wednesday of the month Having only reconnected with DJ’ing a few years ago, its been a bit of a whirlwind since then. Reflecting on why I picked up my headphones again, I guess its because the nightclubs closed due to the pandemic and I was missing the escapism … read more

Amy Douglas

Ladyballs Radio Show N/A N/A “DANCE music?” “Ummmm no” I said many years ago as I turned up my Public Enemy Record followed by my Slayer one, and likely crossed my arms in some sort of silly defiance. I’d been asked over and over again to sing on House Records, … read more

Azariah Mai

N/A N/A I consider myself a highly energetic person with a deep appreciation for music that goes back as far as I can remember. It all started on a little island I call the Isle of Man, my hometown. I can hardly pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love … read more

Atlantic Waves

6pm-8pm 2nd and 4th Saturday of the Month Atlantic Waves presents a compilation of artists that exceed the boundaries of genre and music as a whole. The title of the show comes from our North American backgrounds and oscillation between the UK, United States and Canada. Our cross-Atlantic perspective, provides … read more


Eclectronica For Times See Schedule Hello. I’m Bruce Bickerton, aka alucidnation. I’m fortunate enough to have carved myself a career as a composer and producer of vague repute. I also remix other artists occasionally, and in any spare time I have left over I compile, produce and present my radio … read more

Acid Avian

10pm-Midnight 1st Saturday of the Month Hello. I’m Acid Avian. Much as my name suggests I’m an acid house fanatic and selector as well as a member of the neotropical, near passerine bird family, Ramphastidae. My show explores the versatility and adaptability of the 303 as I veer from House … read more

Accidental Meetings

8pm-10pm 4th Wednesday of the Month We run the party & label, Accidental Meetings. We’ve been in Brighton for a few years now, originally from the shires in the Southwest. We came about from wanting to throw parties together in Brighton, and it’s been a love story since. Sholly’s a … read more

Anya Lux

10am-12pm Alternate Mondays For the last 3 years I’ve been promoting and DJing at events in the UK and abroad, both solo and as half of Brighton’s legendary Freakaholic DJs. Under the moniker Collide or Die, pre-lockdown, I’d begun putting on SMILEY parties, house music parties which aimed to connect … read more