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What’s Wrong With Groovin’


Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the Month

What’s Wrong With Groovin’ is Chewy Beatwell (club and festival DJ) and Glenn Fallows (musician and composer). 
Fortnightly Sundays we combine our confusingly yet complimentary eclectic music tastes with confusingly irreverent/irrelevant semi professional waffle to bring you the WWWG show.

Chewy arrives from a jungle drum and bass background, via hip hop, funk, soul, downtempo, nu-jazz and actual jazz. Glenn comes from guitar music, via funk, afrobeat, latin, soundtracks and library music, plus broken beat.

And Chewy is also a trained chef, which is important to the show’s tried and tested recipe.

On the WWWG show you’ll hear all of the genres mentioned above and more. All delicately combined together, perfectly  seasoned and presented in a musical melting pot with a delicious side-order of us two discussing the most (least) important events of the day. And yes, we do deliver. 

We also have guests including Shawn Lee, Steve Cobby (Fila Brazillia), Chris Read (WhoSampled), Jonny Cuba (Soundsci), Paul Sandell (KPM records), the Mr Bongo crew and our sadly departed and dearly missed friend Ty.

It’s like a Sunday Roast for the ears and you, beautiful 1BTN listener, are the Yorkshire pudding.

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