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  • Sounds Of Eighty Six (R)
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The Brink Collective

The Brink Collective


Fourth Friday of the month

The Brink Collective are Dave Regan Jim Reynolds and Johnny Hartshorn, aka Regis 22 Jah Jim and Johnny Jazz.

Long-term stalwarts of Brighton’s nefarious environs, and hosting regular shows right here on the lovely 1BTN for the last six or seven years in one guise or another.

Always vinyl-only sessions, expect an unexpected, eclectic, broad church of weirdo dub disco punk funk space electronic musiquarium kind of an evening. Whatever that means!

The boys can be found live at various events, soirees and discotheques along the south coast, London and beyond.

Come and say hello on the forum.

Peace and love.

The Brink Collective…

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