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  • Sounds Of Eighty Six (R)
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The Adam and Dan Show


2nd Friday of the Month

Hello! This is Adam and Dan. We don’t fit neatly into any boxes, so we don’t bother with them. And they probably wouldn’t fit in the studio either. Essentially, we like a bit of everything musically. Latest releases, soul classics, Finnish techno, Welsh hip hop, Sussex rock, raregrooves, nu disco, funk… We’ve been collecting vinyl for nearly 80 years between us but we’re not old.

We’re in our prime. In our heads.

For three hours once a month we dig deep, selecting tunes we’ve discovered – or re-discovered – to complement our regular features: Charity Shop Drop, Our Tune, Rave To The Grave, wordplay and special guests from all four corners of the world of music.

A recent survey in Women’s Realm rated The Adam & Dan Show as the number one radio programme in the south of England.

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