• Aura Safari (R)

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  • Aura Safari (R)
101.4 FM · DAB+


Celestial Sounds

2pm to 4pm

Second Saturday of the month

I’m Sharna, an obsessive playlist creator, beat sharer and live music lover. I thrive in the provenance of songs and how our heritage influences our musicality. I love capturing elements of a story behind an artist or song through the power of radio… so with that, I introduce you to Celestial Sounds.

I’ll be bringing you an ethereal mix of transcendent sounds to make you move, feel and elevate your ears. Dipping into the old and new, you’ll discover an eclectic mix of genres, spanning across electronic, r n b, funk, soul, hip hop and more.

Also, as a dedication to my roots, I’ll be sprinkling the show with my best selection of South Asian underground artists you’ve probably never come across before.

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