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4th Saturday of the Month

Give me music that’s outta this world! Music that has drama, that comes from a place we don’t know and cant go in body. Music that’s got guts, got spirit, got soul. I want to hear something that splits me in 2 and something that brings me as 1.

I look for that music and I play it.

I love music of the Caribbean; Ska, Calypso, rub-a-dub and beyond. Riffs, rhythms, sounds, songs and singers. I trace things back to their roots through the folk songs and cultures; west African rhythms and stories. Then I trace them forward on a different continent. Delve into the blues, jazz, funk/soul, hip hop.

Then back

Then forward on another continent; Samba, Son, Mambo. Back again and then explore the fusions.

Music is like a map and the songs hold the cultures within them, so I keep digging.

I’m a multi-instrumentalist, musician and producer. I play bass with THE GRAND UNION ORCHESTRA (, ANIMANZ (, ZANTOGOLA, and more world/jazz fusion groups ( I play guitar and sing with the RE:GENERATION BAND and my own jazz trio. My production duo SUPER MODELS has many recordings and upcoming releases featuring the musicians from all of these projects.

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