• Sermon (R)

Molly Pop

Wednesdays 10am-12pm


MOLLY-POP! Aka Molly Malone (we look after your coats – I am The DJ Cloakroom!) started DJ’ing in London, Soho, with the WiseGuys and BronxDog at the Clinic in Gerrard street back when those crazy vinyl records were the only way of DJ’ing!  She can been spotted dragging around a huge heavy record bag around Brighton every weekend.

Current regular DJ sets are every Friday and Saturday nights at either the Black Lion, Bohemia Club or the Tempest Inn.

Playing 4-6 hour sets Molly-Pop storms through a huge mix of genres, focusing on the beat! Playing long sets of 4-6 hours, she moves through many genres, staying in some genres for quite a while depending on how she reads the crowd.

Heavily influenced by old Rhythm and Blues and 60s music as well as Funk and 90s Hip-Hop, Molly plays a truly eclectic mix!

Expect anything from 50s/60s Rhythm and Blues, Latin, Boogaloo, Funk 45s, Psych, Northern Soul, Hiphop, Boom Bap, 90s Indie, 2000 Jiggy, bit more Hip-Hop, Disco, Electronic music from old Rave to Kitsune and Subtrkt. Often some new Soundcloud stuff made last week in a shed.