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Matthew Muli


1st Wed of the Month

Hi there, My name is Matthew Muli. I first moved down to Brighton just over a year ago to start studying a Masters. I write my own rap lyrics, make music on Ableton, and record songs in my bedroom. I’ve been experimenting with music on my laptop since I was about 17, and recently I have been trying to progress by putting a lid on the songs I’ve been working on, and sharing them online.

Music has always played a massive part in my life, and I’m really excited to share with you the sounds that have impacted me. Hear me take to the decks every first Wednesday of the month from 4 till 5. Every show will have a different sound depending on what I am feeling, so do expect to hear a range of music, from hip hop to post rock, to ambient and IDM, to house and techno, as well as some of my own words and productions! I really hope you enjoy the show

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