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  • Sounds Of Eighty Six (R)
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Hey there I’m Lady Flic, and I’ve been DJing for more than half the years I’ve been alive.
I started off in NZ on student radio, where I got fired at one point for profanities and incessant laughter. That didn’t stop me though, I was accepted into the Red Bull Music Academy back in the day in Dublin and I never used the return trip home. I was based in London for 8 years where I nearly did myself in with an abundance of partying and bad decisions, but amassed a rather dope vinyl collection and knowledge through working at spots including If Music, Reckless Records, Goya and BBE.

A friend’s wedding took me to Bali and surreal sunsets and happy holidaymakers sucked me in. Here is where I really honed my Balearic skills as well as event management skills when I ran the music program for a beach club for 5 years.

10 years later I’m in NYC with my fiancé, stuck in the best way possible, creating a blessed life and vinyl collection, while also running an online business incorporating personal elevation and the best water technology on the planet.

I love radio and am stoked to be on the 1btn waves. My show is called ELEVATiON with LADY FLiC. It’s music for elevation, not the elevator. It’s what the world needs. I love creating a story and the freedom of the radio format to do that. No genre is really off limits but you will definitely hear jazz, soul, Balearic, hip-hop, Afro, house, techno.

I hate when someone tries to put me in a box!

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