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Jennifer Touch

Achtung! I´m Jennifer Touch, a musician and DJ based in Berlin and I love boots and synths. My early upbringing left a taste of east-german Krautrock and 80´s vibes, the 90´s techno hit my teen head hard. Some years ago I fell in love with Brighton and the sea, since then I travel between the melting pots and get inspired by mixing boiling Berlin into breathing Brighton, always keeping my ears open, working on my own music, digging for old pearls and new releases.

My radio show will bring you that city-cocktail, some Cold Wave feelings and dancing feet. Music I deeply adore and love. I´ll gonna have some guests from the music scene and probably leave some private thoughts on our Post-Punk-society. And boots and synths. It´s gonna be a funny dark Monday and I know you´ll love it.

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