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  • Kaysoul Guest Mix (R)
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DJ Lynnée Denise

The Black Atlantic / Black Fantastic


2nd Sunday of the Month

I’m an Amsterdam, and London-based Capricorn raised by my parent’s record collection and shaped by Los Angeles underground radio. This is to say, I owe the development of my ear to DJs who understood the value of a steady listening practice and to listeners like my mom and dad, who took themselves to the local record shops to find albums introduced to them by DJs. Sonic Sunday School–Soulful Music of the Black Atlantic explores the world of cosmic jazz, dub, dancehall, roots reggae, funky gospel, and electronic music of the African Diaspora.

We travel the Space Ways.

I started digging through the crates in the 1990s and presented my findings on college radio (WFSK). Ever since then, I’ve been chasing samples, reading liner notes, studying album cover art, and mixtaping my way through this earthly plane. The music, however, is otherworldly and outernational. Stay tuned and stand by

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