• Bigga's Big Dig w/ Biggabush (R)

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  • Bigga's Big Dig w/ Biggabush (R)
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Danny Webb

World Wireless


1st & 3rd Sunday of the Month

I’m a Mancunian who has been in East Sussex for 12 years. I’m still getting used to the Sun, I’m a DJ/ music lover that used to work in that Piccadilly Records up north. That gives me a broad palette, folk through to techno, though a bit less electronic for The World Wireless. Occasionally my son Albie helps me out live, but at the very least chooses a couple of “School Run Bangers” for each show. Other than that we play pretty much everything / anything we fancy that might sit well with your Sunday dinner preparations. Expect the occasional mistake and a definite mispronunciation or two! I’m fond of music from round the globe, especially Africa (good for toilet breaks), Turkey and the Far East, I like melody, dreaminess and soul. The show also takes in, Doo Wop, Country, Folk, Krautrock, Jazz and anything else that catches my ear. Catch me from 12-2pm 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month.

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