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Who we are
The Civilisation of the Rough (commonly known as COR) is a collective of DJs, promoters and creative individuals who collaborate on occasional, one-off events. There are 5 DJs, a VJ and a street artist who are ever-present, with contributions from regular guest DJs, both local and ‘big name’, with live music and elements of cabaret which make up the unique COR experience.

What we do
We promote parties, guest as DJs, host tents at festivals and run radio shows, in Portsmouth and across the South and beyond. We’ve been active as COR since 2007, with our first annual Boxing Day party and have delivered sell-out events in Portsmouth at a number of venues ever since. We focus on smaller parties where we can control the selection of the clientele, ensuring maximum comfort and enjoyment of the paying customer. In recent years, we have expanded our reach into the festival circuit, and have successfully hosted tents at Farm Festival for the past three years, and the dance tent at Victorious Festival, widely regarded as one of the highlights of the weekend. We have also taken the COR concept to Croatia, with a coveted guest spot at the Electric Elephant Festival on the Adriatic coast.

How we do it
We meet regularly to suggest concepts and share ideas for events, then develop the best themes which we then keep under wraps, to deliver when ready. We don’t just put on half-hearted promotions; we won’t go ahead with a party unless we have the correct alignment of the location, occasion, guest artists, theme and budget. This uncompromising aesthetic is central to our values, and has ensured that we have stayed ahead of the curve in a rapidly-changing market, and that COR remains the hottest ticket in town

Why we are different
COR prides itself on delivering the highest quality in terms of production values, with specific attention to detail and investment in the finest sound systems (currently the industry standard is Funktion One; we have been using their systems for four years) set decoration (we actually built Narnia at Farm Festival, complete with walk-through wardrobe and snow, among many other left-field concepts) and music programming, with internationally renowned guests such as Balearic originator Alfredo from Ibiza, and pioneering DJs Greg Wilson, Graeme Park and Justin Robertson, who have been at the forefront of the dance music movement since the 1980s. COR aims to always provide top quality entertainment at a reasonable price; often our profits are donated to local good causes, such as the re-painting of Southsea Social Club or the renovations of The Kings pub; otherwise they are reinvested into décor, props and giveaways for future parties.

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