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  • Aura Safari (R)
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Chris Lewis

Turn On, Tune In

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I grew up in the South Wales Valleys, in a house where the radio was always on, even when there was nobody home! Religiously taping the John Peel Show, falling asleep to the sound of Radio Luxembourg, in a small town surrounded by every form of youth culture known to man, B-Boys, Skinheads, Punks, Goths, Rockers and Rude Boys. I befriended them one and all and I borrowed all their records. No matter what the genre, I’d partake, craving anything and everything Music. I was obsessed! And being a son born of two original Mods, my house was blessed with even more records. Blues, Soul and Beatles, It’s safe to say that there was a theme developing, one that has stayed with me to this day.

After many years of nocturnal existence running Nightclubs and Djing in London, I found the shores of the Bright Town and our beloved 1BTN. This will be my 5th year of D.J. business in the 1BTN bunker, so come join me for a little bit of everything, with my Mondays show ‘Turn On Tune In’, a bi-weekly foray into sound, with new releases from around the globe and a smattering of gems from the archives.

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