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  • Sounds Of Eighty Six (R)
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Chris Cracknell


Every Tuesday

Hey, I’m Chris and, for the last four years, I have hosted a weekly show on 1BTN.

I wouldn’t class myself as a record collector, I have friends who are proper geeky in that sense. I find it hard to class myself as a DJ, because that means so many different things to different people and I’d hate to disappoint you. I’m not a crate digger, although, apart from promo tracks, I pretty much only buy vinyl and have a lot of it. I don’t know if I”m much of a presenter, because I”m here to play music, not talk all over it.

What do I do then?

I’ve put music together in one form or another for over twenty years, warmed up for Roni Size, DJ Format and DJ Yoda, I’ve played big shows at Glastonbury and played out all over Europe. I love my show on 1BTN because it allows me to be free of the constraints of a dance floor and weave together music that reflects how I”m feeling, from pretty much whatever genre suits me at the time.

Expect my show to feature Jazz old and new, Hip Hop, Neo Classical, Electronica, Folk, Orchestral and more, but each show could well be widely different from the previous week, but tune in and lets get through this together…

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