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Chicha Morada

Hi, I’m Louise Wilde, also known as Chicha Morada, which is a Peruvian purple corn drink and is absolutely delicious!

I’ve always loved exploring new music and sharing it with people. I’m an obsessive playlist maker and will spend hours making the perfect playlist to go with a lazy afternoon on the beach, or creating the soundtrack for our 6 hour drives up to the Yorkshire Dales!

I started my DJ career in the south east corner of Glastonbury festival. I was quite literally thrown in the deep end when I played in an immersive latin club venue called “The Back Of Beyond”, a Mexican Day of the Dead themed party which had us all dressed up as undead carnival folk, partying until 6am to Cumbia, Dancehall, Funk and Soul for five nights in a row, emerging at the end completely broken but full of incredible memories and good vibes.

Since then the music and mayhem has stuck with me, and morphed through various forms. Sometimes I like to dress up as Carmen Miranda, play all the Brazilian hits and mix cocktails with music. Sometimes I’ll spend hours in an Afro Disco groove, making dance floors jump with funky vibrations. 

I enjoy playing uplifting global tunes with infectious grooves and joyous melodies that have filled up dance floors at Shambala, Bristol’s Old Market, London’s Electrowerkz and venues in my home town of Brighton.

I hope my radio shows will take you on a fantastic voyage of musical flavours across the world, stopping for caipirinhas and jollof rice along the way.

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