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First Thursday of the Month

“As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a radio host.” Not strictly true of course but let’s not allow the distortion between truth and fiction to ruin a decent intro… I can however confirm that from a young age I was very much a fan of ‘the wireless’. My eclectic tastes were honed through regular exposure to Radio Caroline and Terry Wogan, my Sundays were spent with a finger hovering over the pause button as I recorded the best of the Top 40 (whilst hoping to eliminate the sickly sound of David ‘Kid’ Jenson) and there was very early accidental exposure to Acid House on local radio that lead me as a 12 year old to innocently wear a Smiley Face T-shirt that yelled ‘Have A Nice Trip’ to a Police Disco without a care in the world.

Like my musical tastes, my show is ever evolving although Burnt Toast will always be rooted in Soul, Funk and my one true first love; Hip Hop. Beyond this Holy Trinity, listeners can expect Disco, Reggae, Jazz, Exotica, Jungle and the occasional burst of Dire Straits or something of a similar ilk that may be labelled by some as a ‘guilty pleasure’ but to my ears will always simply be ‘a pleasure’. Having a radio show is an extension of doing mixtapes for mates and yelling “shut up – listen to this bit” when everyone’s talking.
So welcome along to Burnt Toast and please, shut up and listen to this bit..x

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