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2nd Saturday of the Month

I’m Big Red Al 😉. I’m huge, with red hair, hence the name.

My love of music was burned into my soul as I watched jazz dancers climb the walls to celestial music in the hull of Bristol’s good ship Thekla.

DJ’ing with sound systems, in clubs, at festivals and broadcast radio has been a never-ending wild journey that has allowed me to share this passion.

My tastes over the years have evolved from jazz to funk, to hip-hop, to soul, electronica, and deep house. More recently I’ve fallen down a very deep disco and boogie hole.

My show, LATE NIGHT BIGNESS is on a Saturday night. I want it to be the party you can have in your kitchen. Big warm sounds across the genres and decades, as well as much great new music as I can find. Every show is different – literally, (I’ve yet to play the same tune twice!). I have great guests too. I want it to be your monthly mixtape. I humbly think its the best show on 1BTN and you’d be a fool to miss it 😉

Catch me every 2nd Saturday of the month, from 10pm -Midnight.

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