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Atlantic Waves


2nd and 4th Saturday of the Month

Atlantic Waves presents a compilation of artists that exceed the boundaries of genre and music as a whole. The title of the show comes from our North American backgrounds and oscillation between the UK, United States and Canada. Our cross-Atlantic perspective, provides a unique show twice a month, juxtaposing new artists with forgotten gems from all over the world.

My name is Coco Porter-Hardy. I am a Canadian sound, visual and performance artist with a passion for discovering and producing avant-garde music. After visiting the UK, I moved here permanently in 2015, drawn in by the rave scene and music culture. I completed a degree in Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts, where I became interested in building interactive sound installations and producing electronic music under my drag alias Taz Cobalt. After graduating in 2019, I decided to continue my studies when I moved to Brighton to complete a Masters in Digital Music and Sound Art at the University of Brighton. During my time there, I got the opportunity to share my passion for music when I became a DJ here on 1BTN. Co-hosting Atlantic Waves has provided me with a platform to promote the music of local artists as well as the artists that inspire my work as a musician and performer.

My name is Matt Cain and I am an American sound artist based in Brighton. I have worn many musical hats over the years, a multi-instrumentalist turned engineer and producer, now co-host of Atlantic Waves. My interests have centred on the intersections of sound and technology, and understanding of how the process of creation emerges through embodied experience and cultural context. Lately I’ve been living in Los Angeles, studying remotely as the world turns, and managing DMSA 22, which is an imprint for the adventurous artists on my program at University of Brighton’s Digital Music and Sound Art course. Atlantic Waves is my opportunity for exploring landscapes of sound through musical cartography and curation.



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