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“DANCE music?”

“Ummmm no” I said many years ago as I turned up my Public Enemy Record followed by my Slayer one, and likely crossed my arms in some sort of silly defiance. I’d been asked over and over again to sing on House Records, and just couldn’t find the desire to try. “But, Amy, you LIKE to dance! You love funky! You love DISCO!” my gang of ruffians would say to me. “True, but what does that have to do with dance music? I like SONGS, and if they’re funky songs and great songs, then that’s just SONGS I LIKE!

Also I tend to only go to an actual authentic dance CLUB like 5 times a year to get trade! I am going….to be the first female to lead an authentic hard rock band like Queen, and write as many hits for others and self as Carole King and Prince!”

Fast forward.

I do these things now of course, but look where I wound up doing em! Yup, smack dab in what is still being called “dance music.” Well, guess what? I may have come around to finding my place here at the big rave/party/shindig/afterhours, but my POSITION has never changed ONCE. I am still a song driven artist, who wants to connect the world to a song. Songs are all that matter. My commitment to bringing my listeners the best my voice can offer is one thing, I am driven by a need to bring people my best songs, be them Roisin Murphy or Horse Meat Disco.

So imagine when 1BTN then came along to ask if I wanted to bring a show to the airwaves!

What you can expect from my monthly Ladyballs Records program, is the sum total of everything I’ve mentioned. It’s a big, brash, NYC style affair with no boundaries, and where you can see everyone up in my club from Banjees to B Boys to Punks and Metalheads. I want to show the constant connection points where rock music and dance music, do the hustle. I want to combine the cultures as well, and take our listenership- no less the fans of the label, to the ultimate happening loaded with fire, passion, sex and NYC attitude.

Welcome to Ladyballs Records Radio.

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