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  • Burda Pellet - All Around The Globe ft. Radio Hobo
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Running Circle Presents Guohan

Walking Down Alfreton Road Running Circle presents DJ and producer Guohan, Born in Ningbo, China, Guohan grew up in a navy base surrounded by ancient rock carvings. Here he became obsessed with nature, sound and mythical tales. After moving to fast developing cities like Shanghai, the experiences pushed him to … read more

EABS – Discipline of Sun Ra

a cosmic odyssey as part of the Polish Space Program The recent revival of the jazz scene has become clearly visible, as proven by the great popularity of artists from across the ocean, such as Kamasi Washington and The West Coast Get Down, or BadBadNotGood collective. A new wave of … read more

Velour Debut LP

When the world seemingly crumbles around us, music can provide an escape few other mediums can. For their debut self-titled LP, Velour effortlessly levitate you above the madness below, each track taking a new turn, cruising over hazy flecked skylines, bustling walkways and bleary-eyed bedlam. A trajectory that takes in … read more

Jazzanova Presents: Paz E Futebol 3

Various Artists Jazzanova presents Paz E Futebol 3 – compiled by Junior Santos Release Date – 06.11.20 The time has come again: Another edition of the much loved and highly praised by critics from all around the globe compilation ‘Paz E Futebol’ will be released on Sonar Kollektiv. After 2006 … read more

A Man Called Adam

Love Forgotten (Oddities and Rarities Part 1) Other Records, released November 6th 2020 A Man Called Adam occupy a unique place in the electronic/dance music continuum. Enigmatic and fiercely independent they’ve sold millions of records; you’ll hear their music in every beach bar on the planet but few people outside the dance underground know … read more

Inner Tribe presents: Planetself // Leylines

ARTIST: PLANETSELF TITLE: LEYLINES RELEASE DATE: OCTOBER 9 LABEL: INNER TRIBE DISTRIBUTION: ALPHAPUP FORMAT: DIGITAL PRE-SAVE LINK: HTTPS://PLANETSELF.LNK.TO/LEYLINES Planetself represents the ethereal collaboration of vocalist Charli Umami and mainstay producer and DJ Inkswel. Growing up immersed in the incredible natural surroundings of the Adelaide Hills Charli’s playground was nature trails … read more

The Queenie and Wildblood Show with Crazy P

Crazy P’s loopy loved up grooves, seductive soaring vocals, life-affirming festival performances, goosebump generating DJ sets and epic remixes and reworks have soundtracked our terrace days and clubbing nights since 1995 and boy has the world sounded better because of it. Yes, the wonders that are the legendary Jim Baron, … read more

VERSION discursion

The Boy’s Own website recently wrote this about our Jim Lister and we thought it deserved a re-post..

Albion promoted!

What a weekend! Premier League football is coming to Brighton and Hove. The Albion have made it to the top flight.

Good Friday FM Launch

Okay, we know we said this once before but then we learned we had to adhere to some rigorous tests, correctly required by the licensing authorities that be, before we were permitted to officially broadcast live throughout Brighton.