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Uniting Of Opposites

Within the world of music promotions – and the deluge of files that get sent through the myriad of fibre-optic cables – a beautiful slice of new cosmic-space-jazz entitled Ancient Lights has landed in my portal from Tru Thoughts records. I wanted to find out more about the band calling … read more

The Library Music Film

WH Provocateur speaks to Shawn Lee about the forthcoming The Library Music Film WH: For the uninitiated, can you please explain what ‘library music’ is? SL: Library music is purpose made, off-the-shelf background music for use in media i.e. film, TV and adverts. It’s composed by some of the finest … read more

Aretha Franklin

Dan Tester looks back with the greatest of respect on the Queen of Soul’s legacy. Included is also Steve KIW’s tribute; an exceptional and impromptu first hour, taken from his scheduled show in which he lovingly collates her legendary performances… read more

1BTN Presents Mildlife At The Rialto

If you are a regular listener to 1BTN then you will have heard a band called ‘Mildlife’ a lot in the last six months or so. The beauty of having our presenters latching on to a killer band is that it spreads faster than a childish tweet from the POTUS … read more

Jazz Re:Fest Review

Jazz Re:Freshed’s Jazz Re:Fest, now in its sixth year, has become an important focal point for the UK’s rapidly growing community of young jazz musicians. This year it took a holiday from the Southbank for a day trip to the seaside. London’s loss was Brighton’s gain. Only the keenest ticket … read more

What’s Goin’ on w/Richard Norris

We caught up with Richard Norris regarding his new project ‘The Long Now’, which is a collaboration between Richard and Icelandic musician Finnur Bjarnason. Hello Richard, so please tell us, What’s goin’ on? Well.. we have just had our first public appearances of my new project, The Long Now. We … read more

Mickey Duke chats to Mildlife lead singer, Kev McDowell

Hey, Kev. Mickey here from 1BTN. How you doing? Awesome, yeh, I’m good. Thanks. Starting at the beginning then, Kev. How long have you guys been performing together as a band? The band probably started doing this thing in 2011/12. It was a little different back then. So, it’s been … read more

Norman Jay MBE with Steve KIW on 1BTN

Friday, March 9th. 20:00–22:00 The one and only Norman Jay MBE, in the 1BTN bunker with Steve KIW. What more do you need to know about Norman Jay? Ok, for those that may not know. Norman is unquestionably one of the finest, most respected and influential DJ’s in the world. … read more

International Women’s Day Takeover on 1BTN

Listen to any radio station today – with DJs and presenters including Lauren Laverne, Dotty, Liz Kershaw, Annie Mac, Josey Rebelle, Cerys Matthews, Amy Lamé, Mary Ann Hobbs or Jane Fitz – and it’s hard to remember a time when women’s voices were silenced. A time when they were only … read more