• Curated Crates w/ Jez Preston (R)

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  • Curated Crates w/ Jez Preston (R)
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Queenie & Wildblood

Welcome to the Queenie and Wildblood Show on 1BTN. A selection box of divine disco, fierce funk, determined detours and is it the weekend yet house music. And with advanced pressings (steady missus) from Justin Jay, Partyfine, Ralph Session, DJ Spinna, Kassian, Motte, Eduke and Salted Records, disco classics from … read more

Kerry Jean Lister – Feel Up

Three hours of music guaranteed to make you ‘FEEL UP’. Playing new stuff from Ibibio Sound Machine, See Thru Hands and Greentea Peng plus some classic tracks from The Police, Sade and The Beach Boys.