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These are the 1BTN DJ recommendations for new music and reissues going into June 2020. There is a Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page.


L-Side & MC Fats
Steppa Dub
(V Recordings)
Brazilian drum and bass don drops a heavy dubwise supersonic heater with legendary UK MC Fats on vocal duties. Pull it up….
Kris Venum (World A Reggae)



Roisin Murphy
Murphy’s Law (Cosmodelica Remix)
(Skint / Loaded Records)
My two disco queens combine for a slice of Stay Homo that has me all disco dazzled. Yes, I’ve declared my adoration for Ms Murphy before I’m certain but this time she and Cosmo deliver something so special I’ve got goosebumps reserved just for them. Add Roisin’s heavenly headgear and you have one happy queen.
Queen Josephine
(The Wildblood and Queenie Show)



Owen Pallett
Island (LP)
Known for his work with Arcade Fire, Caribou and Frank Ocean, his 2014 LP In Conflict was a record I became obsessed with, a record of incredible beauty but with a darkness bubbling underneath – this new album sees Owen in a similar mood with stunning orchestration from the London Contemporary Orchestra – I know of no other artist that sounds like him. A record to devote an hour to, a record to get lost in…
Murray Scott (UBIK)



The Haggis Horns
Haggis Express
(Haggis Records)
5th album called Stand Up for Love label Haggis Records. Pure UK Funk, infectious, feel good music, a combination of funky bass lines, horns sections and guitar rifts, John McCallum lending his vocal talents to this document adds extra spice. This first single is a full-on instrumental funk banger called Haggis Express. This is pure dirty funk at it’s best, deep in-the-pocket drums and bass groove, scratchy funk guitar, a fiery hammond organ solo, latin congas and a horn section that’s razor sharp. Dance floor gold for sure whether you’re a funk brother, soul sister or music soul child.
Dusty Du (Soul Casserole)



Your Brain On Music
Awesome edit from RBJ aka Ron Basejam, aka James Baron. Taking very loosely the track Japanese experimental electronic track M-U-S-I-C by Normal Brain as its base, it creates something entirely different. Beautiful, euphoric even. A contender for track of the year so far.



Detroit Swindle Feat. Jitwam
Coffee In The Morning (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Coffee in the Morning is a funk fueled disco bomb. The energy is set by a rolling bassline with a live touch. Prins Thomas takes you on a 10 minute Scandi-disco trip with live drums and Thomas himself funkin’ on the bass.
Mickey Jukes



ThE DiAboLIcaL LibERTieS
Pitta Patta (on the corner).
New heat from the forthcoming 2nd LP by Alex Patchwork and Rob Gallagher aka General Rubbish aka Earl Zinger. A dubbed out breakbeat stream of consciousness classic for 2020… “posh boy government telling porky pies… i think i smell a ratta”
Jim Lister (VERSION)



Lianne La Havas
Paper Thin – Can’t Fight
(Warner records UK)
This new track from Lianne La Havas has been playing almost on repeat from the moment I heard it, I’ve been going to sleep listening to it, waking up craving it, murmuring the lyrics as I go about my day, mulling them over and over. It is essentially a love song, but to hear a young songwriter refer to faith, to God, in this climate, feels promising to me. It seems valiant, brave, earnest, I concur. I love the slow bass line and curling guitar licks that wrap around the edges of her words. Lyricism at it’s best, I just hope I haven’t binged it too much already.
Jo Dressler



Submarinetwo3 Hallucinations
Discordian, Drexciyan electro assault of the highest order, based on Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea’s best selling The Illuminatus! Trilogy novels. A full on, bass heavy, aquatic, electronic assault that requires high volume on your stereophonic appliance and if you happen to have it, an underground, concrete bunker with said appliance housed within (headphones are also acceptable).
Paul McCardie (The Awful Hand)



Sha Lor
Jussa Come (Lil’T & Eli Soul Clap Dub)
(Soul Clap Records)
In lieu of any actual carnivals this year, this slice of Soca/House from NYC Disco icons Sha Lor fills the void in style. Lil’T and Eli Soul Clap’s stretched out, percussion-heavy dub mix maximises the hypnotic, entrancing vibrations.
Adam Hignell



Dedi Madden
After years of recording, writing and touring with Zero 7 and Sia, Dedi Madden has made a long-awaited album – The Final Man. Think of driving from San Fran to LA in the 70’s sun, and you are there.
Adam Hill (The Adam and Dan Show)



Smoove & Turrell
This Time
Third instalment from there latest lp entitled Stratos Bleu out now on Jalapeno Records. You have John Turrell’s slick soulful vocals over Smoove / Porter & Co. music production. This album feels more personal as everything from the songs, artwork and music videos includes their family members. Its a huge step forward, it’s a great album. Check the video below for This Time uplifting Funk, Soul, Disco with a hint of 80’s nostalgia. Wicked!
Dusty Du (Soul Casserole)



Layla (Alex Attias Mix)
(Heavenly Sweetness)
Paris based Cotonete bring us a thing of sun drenched beauty with sparkling guitars & female vocals. Alex Attias brings the warm beats and a driving force that takes it to the dancefloor. Perfect!
Nick Carling (Fruitful Radio)



Manasseh meets Praise
Yes Mic
(Roots Garden)
Gorgeous opening cut from this LP collaboration between digi-dub guru Nick Manasseh and viola/violin player Praise, a follow up to the 2011 7” A Matter of Struggle on Brighton’s Roots Garden label. Cinematic crossover reggae vibes that would make a great accompaniment to a lockdown nighttime drive through deserted London streets. Vin Gordon and Earl 16 also feature on the album, on a take of Tubby’s Dub with a Difference, along with Nathan ´Flutebox’ Lee of Asian Dub Foundation.
Ian Lawton (Trainspotters)



(Modal Recordings)
More 80s throwback business with a modern edge from Duett. Just beautiful.
Nick Subtle (Nick Subtle’s Cereal Killers)



Never Should
(Shall Not Fade)
A straight up, solid housey builder, with a sweet as vocal and super pleasing piano break.
(Anya Lux)



Fontaines D.C.
A Hero’s Death
(Partisan Records).
Late to the party with this band but glad to have made it. These lads from Dublin bring together moody melodies and tearing vocals in a post punk offering fit for kings and commoners alike. Insane amounts of power and passion from this group.
Eone (Process)



Oso Negro & Mute Speaker
Unk Funk E.P
Florida based MC Oso Negro has teamed up with old friend and ex-Brightonian Mute Speaker aka Rob ‘O Hara (now residing in Cambodia) on this super worldwide inspired 7 track Unk Funk E.P. – blending traditional South East Asian samples and snippets with sunny East Coast rhymin’ to great effect – with the choice jam being the title track and DJ Format flavoured Unk Funk – take a bow boys….
Chewy Beatwell (What’s Wrong With Groovin’)



Lila Ike 
Thy Will
Talented Jamaican singer Lila Ike blesses the classic Baltimore riddim with her soothing beautiful voice and vibes. Taken from her brand new EP ‘Experience’
Kris Venum (World a Reggae)



Italian Duo Phunkadelica return with Solaris which did feature on their album last year but now is a standalone release on Multinotes. Its a lovely piece of stripped-back space (as the name implies) Balearica – reminiscent of Ichisan’s classic Space Patrol from about a decade ago. This release also features a remix by the in-form The Emperor Machine, who doubles the length and indeed the squelchiness. Both are great.
Tim Walker (Love is the Message)



Cassiopeia (Luca Lozano Remix)
(Klasse Wrecks)
Luca Lozano reworking one of my favourite Nail tracks Cassiopeia. Out on Klasse Wrecks, this rework stays true to the original Warp classic whilst adding modern drums and a brand new arrangement. An 8-minute trance trip!
Simon Parry



India Jordan
I’m Waiting (Just 4 U)
(Local Action)
A sublime explosion of shimmering disco house from an EP which is set to feature in many end of year lists. All six tracks from India Knight’s highly personal release For You are excellent – perfect summer feel-good vibes.



DJ Violette
Filled Pasta
(Salted Music)
Nothing keeps me more satisfied than a bowl of well seasoned deep disco-infused house and so it is with Violette’s latest tasty adventure for Salted Music, her epic Public Radio EP. All the strings you could ever need plus added carbs ensure a recipe for lockdown heaven.
Kate Wildblood
(The Wildblood and Queenie Show)



Rose City Band
Reno Shuffle
(Thrill Jockey)
Ripley Johnson takes a detour from Wooden Shjips and Moon Duo to bring us some easy chooglin’ West Coast sounds. The whole album feels like the soundtrack to my summer already but this one is probably my favourite.
Senor Mick (Garden of Earthly Delights)



Angel Bat Dawid
Transition East
(International Anthem)
Haunting new single by reeds player ABD on Chicago’s International Anthem. One of two new pieces of music created in response to Emma Warren’s 2019 book Make Some Space that chronicles the history of London’s Total Refreshment Centre.
Ian Lawton (Trainspotters)



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