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Jose Padilla

There won’t be many people who haven’t felt the influence of pioneering Balearic DJ Jose Padilla, who died on Sunday, October 19. Born in Barcelona, Jose moved to Ibiza in 1975. In 1991 he started DJing at the Café Del Mar, a short walk from the centre of San Antonio. … read more


Steve KIW rounds up his personal take on the development of the balearic sound.   Part four: New waves, new wavs, new ways, new raves.   Despite house and hip-hop being relatively new at the beginning of the decade the mainstream in the 90s was a musically and culturally sterile … read more

Still Searching for the Balearic Beat

In this instalment of Steve KIW’s story of the Balearic Beat the establishment takes fright, a lot of blissed out ravers jump in coaches and record collections begin to look a lot more cosmopolitan…   Part Three: Vibes and feelings   1988 was dubbed the Second Summer Of Love. Politically … read more


Our DJs use the word Balearic with abandon. So often in fact that it came as no surprise when a listener asked: Hola 1BTN, What, exactly, is ‘Balearic’?    Among our regular line up we have the Balearic Assassins Of Love collective and the Balearic Ultras; none are actually from … read more


Steve KIW pays tribute to Florian Schneider and the mighty Kraftwerk   It is impossible to overstate the importance of Kraftwerk. Consequently it’s pretty much impossible to describe the legacy of Florian Schneider, their co-founder who, on May 6, 2020, “passed away from a short cancer disease just a few … read more

Andrew Weatherall Obituary

Legend, pioneer and musical hero to so many of us at 1BTN, Andrew Weatherall passed away on February 17, 2020.   Whether you know him from his work with Primal Scream on their Screamadelica album or from Bocca Juniors or The Sabres of Paradise; as Lord Sabre, The Outsider or … read more

The Genius of Talk Talk

Mark Holis’ band Talk Talk transcended their synth-pop (and punk!) roots to become, retrospectively, one of the most admired bands to have recorded in the 20th century. The band recorded from 1981 through to 1991. Hollis’s solo album followed in 98 and then, silence. When you listen to their music … read more

David Mancuso

Fifty years ago David Mancuso  threw the first of his legendary Loft parties. Twenty years ago Nuphonic released two fantastic Mancuso compilations (The Loft 1999 and The Loft – Volume Two 2000). We thought it would make sense to revisit this post by Steve KIW paying tribute to the pioneering New … read more