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“The essence of Orkney’s magic are the deep marvellous rhythms of sea and land, darkness and light” George Mackay Brown, 1921-1996   Over the last few years Erland Cooper has released three beautiful and beguiling albums, full of the moods and mystery of his native Orkney. The last of this … read more

A Scottish tale – Whisky, rain and music

We talk to Gavin Sutherland, AKA Other Lands, from Firecracker Recordings Mac-Talla Nan Creag, about their soon to be released 2nd LP, “The Sorrow of Derdriu”. So Mac-Talla Nan Creag I believe translates as Echoes of The Rock – this is the second volume – what was the original inspiration … read more

Life really is beautiful for Vince Watson

We speak to the prolific veteran Scottish producer about his 2 new albums, Via under his own name and a new alias, Quart. You are living in Amsterdam these days – why the move there? Ive been here for 9 years almost already….always wanted to live here, always had lots … read more

Hubbabubbaklubb – The dreams the dreamers dream

The Hubbabubbaklubb crew take time off from cruising on their Mopeds to talk about their debut LP. SO TELL ME ABOUT HUBBABUBBAKLUBB – HOW DID YOU ALL MEET? In kindergarten. We where always arguing who was Donatello in Turtles. HAVE ANY OF YOU BEEN IN ANY OTHER BANDS PRIOR TO … read more