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1BTN DJ Picks 2021   Daz-I-Kue Top 3 Tracks Jill Rock Jones – Tell The Story (Original Mix) Leroy Burgess & LOGG – Dance Till U Can’t Don-E – Loving U Top 3 Albums Sean Khan – Supreme Love: A Journey through Coltrane Balimaya Project – Wolo So Lord & … read more


Well, 2021 was another unusual year that’s for sure. It started badly, then brightened up, gigs, festivals and clubs briefly blossoming, and ended in more uncertainty and question marks over the future. It was, on the flip side, another good year for radio as we sat at home poking swabs … read more


These are the tunes, albums and reissues that are big with the 1BTN selectors going into December. There’s a Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page. Keep your eyes peeled for the 1BTN End of Year charts coming at you in a couple of weeks.   Can Live in Brighton … read more


These are the tracks, albums and reissues that are burning up the 1BTN Bunker as we go into the month of November. Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page     Marc Cotterell Jumping ‘96 (Original ‘96 version) (Plastik People Digital) Soulful, deep and nostalgic ‘garage house’ or US … read more

Down to the Sea & Back – New Kelvin Andrews show on 1BTN

Listen again to the first instalment of Down to the Sea & Back from the venerable Kelvin Andrews esq. who has joined the 1BTN ranks for a 3 hour monthly residency.          Kelvin Andrews is a UK songwriter, producer and house DJ – Kelvin has been … read more

Doc’n’Roll Film Festival – 8th Edition

The most excellent Doc’n’Roll Film Festival is now in its 8th season and runs from 28th Oct to 14th Nov. Below, 1BTN selects a few highlights from the Brighton and London programmes (full programme of cinema and online screenings here). You can also read 1BTN’s interview with founder Colm Forde … read more

The Art of the Left Field Music Doc

Ian Lawton spoke to Colm Forde about the origins of Doc’n’Roll Film Festival which he co-founded with Vanessa Lobon. They chatted about blagging your way into cinemas, championing the underdog, the pitfalls of indie filmmaking and explored the reasons why there’s has been an explosion of underground film docs in … read more

JO DRESSLER 19.10.21

The latest from Jo Dressler is a set of EDM, ambient sounds, world/fusion and lovely bassy stuff. Starting off with half an hour of laid backness, before moving onto more danceable things. Airing new releases from the likes of Uffe, Kalabrese, Mano Le Tough and Poppy Ajudha, the fruits of … read more


The Zouk Combat EP pays homage to the Afrodisco sound of the 80s. Zouk is the disco sound from the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.   Bosq   Crispy brass, drum machines and funky synths drive the typical Zouk beat forward. A Bomb on the Dancefloor. Bosq delivers a … read more

Ghostchant – The Lost Ones

Joe Cornwell has decided to really show off his guitar chops on his latest single for Tangential and the song sparkles with confidence, and despite the song title, a real feeling of sunshine and happiness. Dazzling jazzy guitar lines, a bright and loose drum rhythm full of clicks and snaps and … read more