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The Zouk Combat EP pays homage to the Afrodisco sound of the 80s. Zouk is the disco sound from the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.




Crispy brass, drum machines and funky synths drive the typical Zouk beat forward. A Bomb on the Dancefloor. Bosq delivers a more 70s oriented Afro Latin version of Zouk Combat. Once again he proves his skills as one of the most wanted remixers in the scene. Sosso is the track you want to hear at a beach at dawn, early morning. The delicate vocals and the light groove make you float into the Sunrise. Timbal Madness comes with a hard timbal solo and at the same time with deep synth pads and ends up in a mad voice synth solo.Vocals on Sosso by Céline Huber

1 – Alma Negra – Zouk Combat
2 – Alma Negra – Sosso
3 – Alma Negra – Timbal Madness
4- Alma Negra – Zouk Combat (Bosq Remix)
Release : 15.10.2021

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