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BAOL w/Special Guest Danny Rampling

Shoom, the legendary club set up in London by Danny Rampling in the late 80’s, celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year with a spectacular reunion in Amsterdam on the 24th August.

Inspired by the sounds of Ibiza during the Summer of Love in 1987, Shoom established a whole new movement in Balearic-influenced Acid House. It’s not just a nostalgic trip: expect Modern Acid & Techno combined with original Acid House classics, smileys, smoke, strobes, confetti, whistles, sirens – the whole package! Acid anno 2018.

BAOL’s Ade P was honoured to have Shoom founder and resident DJ Danny Rampling come down to the 1BTN studios and talk about the Paradiso ‘Shoom’ party in Amsterdam, the spirit of Acid house and all points in between.

Danny and Ade chatted about his music making, the madness of the first Amsterdam party which saw 300 London clubbers travelling to a huge hangar-like building in a derelict dock area of the ‘Dam’; the influences of Alfredo and Ibiza; Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage; pirate radio and the Love Groove Dance Party; Danny’s continual quest to find the best soulful and spiritually uplifting music out there; and, of course, Shoom’s birth and legacy, which still very much resonates today.

Not only did Danny play some Shoom classics and influences, but in true ‘back-to-mine’ spirit, he shared some of the latest fantastic tunes he’s been working on with producers from Brighton (the home town of 1BTN) and the new music which can be heard in his sets today. The ‘sundowner’ section towards the end produced songs completely ‘out-of-the-hat’, which completely whacked us all and had a dozen 1BTN DJ’s scouring their collections to find records they’d missed!

It was an absolute privilege for 1BTN to welcome Danny to the studio, listen to his tales and tunes in our famous bunker. Is it Balearic? You’ll have to decide that for yourselves.

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