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Balearic Mike

Hey music lovers,

Well, it’s Tuesday night, so here’s last weeks 1BTN solo flight from me.

Not sure if Ben is back from Italy or not, so could be just me, could be the pair of us – who knows!
Regardles, sxpect the usual mix of underwater throbs, German moustache-pop and terrifying Disney themes. Oh, and some more Japan. Definitely some more Japan!

I do hope you enjoy listening again, or hearing it for the first time if you didn’t catch it live last week.

Please join us every Wednesday’s between 17:00-20:00 BST on, or on digital DAB+ radio (block 9 – ‘Brighton trial’) or via the Tune In app, and on 101.4 FM RADIO!!

Big big love x x x BM&BM

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