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1BTN Presents Mildlife At The Rialto

If you are a regular listener to 1BTN then you will have heard a band called ‘Mildlife’ a lot in the last six months or so.

The beauty of having our presenters latching on to a killer band is that it spreads faster than a childish tweet from the POTUS Twitter account, only in a much more loving, positive and inclusive way!

Mildlife take the musical canvas, rip the lids off the paint tins, and throw vibrant slashes of colour into kaleidoscopic jams.
Old friends, the Melbourne based, four-piece bonded over the desire to push musical boundaries, developing tight live shows bolstered by wild improvisation and a debut record that mines jazz, psych and disco for its irresistible groove.

Taking cues from pioneers like Can and Herbie Hancock, the debut album ‘Phase’ is like listening to a collaboration between Tame Impala, Daft Punk and Tortoise jamming at an after party. It embraces, lifts you and whispers sweet nothings into your ears. Surrender and be seduced.

Check the album here:

Support comes from the emerging and super talented synth production duo, Modified Man. This London based act have been bubbling away for the last couple of years blending their warped cassette recordings that touched upon early jazz-funk/brit-funk influences with the energy of broken beat and experimental electronica. One word: Dope!

Check them here:

We have an official after party too. Tickets to the concert will give you automatic entry to an extended night of music from a hand-picked bunch of 1BTN DJs: Rob Luis (Tru-Thoughts) // Jaime Read // Jackie & Jayne Winstanley // Discojuice. The after party runs from 11pm – 5am.

We are excited for this. The word is out. Tickets are on sale now at Resident Advisor. Also from Rarekind Records and Resident Records in Brighton.

Don’t sleep!! Here’s a link to our Facebook event page:

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